We LOVE to hear the truly astonishing number of positive wellness experiences from everyone & how our TIGERHONEY Wellness Formula benefits them -- often in surprising ways -- and we learn something new about its capabilities all the time.

The “magic” is not in any one isolated ingredient but the synergistic and highly versatile combination of our potent ingredients working together to enhance its functionality, that have an overall transforming effects on human wellness




I have been taking this for almost a month. I have lost a lot of my aches and pains and I'm sleeping better. I have been around a lot of people at work, all of whom have been dealing with colds and flu, and I have yet to catch anything. I call this my magic potion! I highly recommend it!
- Selma D.
This product is excellent! I just started using it two weeks ago on a daily basis and in just that short time I have lost weight, seen my blood pressure lower and have more pep in my step! The vinegar taste is easy to adjust to due to the other ingredients mixed in. I am glad I found this product and starting taking it. A true investment for your health!
- Pam G.
I LOVE this product. It tastes great! I put it in a mug with water and it is delicious. I was surprised to see such an increase in energy and in such a short time. I can walk longer distances and without fatiguing, have lots of energy later in the day when I would normally tire, and feel an overall sense of wellness.
- Gina D.
I started using TIGERHONEY in November and within one week the first change I noticed was my energy throughout the day. I woke up feeling less groggy & a decrease in my need for coffee. No longer needing a cup (or two!) of coffee in the afternoon. I work in fitness and have a toddler so that change in energy was huge for me! I love that TIGERHONEY is an easy product to incorporate into my daily routine too. 2tbsp alone or I put into a smoothie & I am on my way!
- Colleen D.
Took my first dose when I got up today, and within about 90 minutes, realized that my sense of balance was hugely improved, I felt A LOT more energy, and my head was clearer than it has been on ages! And my concerns about taste were put to rest because it's delicious!! Have tried apple cider vinegar in the past, but saw no results and could barely tolerate the flavor, so YAY for whatever it is you did here!
- Victoria D.
I tried my friend’s TIGERHONEY after a long day of work and was surprised at how palatable the taste was. I had never tried apple cider vinegar as a supplement before. The mix of herbs made it easier to drink straight, and when I mixed it into lemon ginger tea, it completely took away the vinegar sensation. The best part for me was the very next morning, I finally woke up without the lingering cough I’d had for the past 10 days! This will come in handy, especially during cold & flu season.
- Becky M.
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