TIGERHONEY Wellness Tonic (4-Month Supply)

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    2. POWERED BY NATURE, BACKED BY SCIENCE. Reap all the benefits of a traditional apple cider vinegar tonic in a great-tasting modern formula. Uncompromised quality ingredients formulated to deliver a powerful combination of potent antioxidants, detoxifying herbs and balanced adaptogens makes TIGERHONEY Health Tonic a powerful multi-purpose herbal remedy.

    3. OPTIMIZE YOUR HEALTH + PERFORMANCE. When taken daily, many users report noticeable improvement to immune, circulatory, metabolic & digestive health: increased energy; clear & radiant skin; accelerated whole body detoxification; balanced blood sugar levels; improved cholesterol; reduced inflammation; healthy weight management; healthy heart and enhanced immune support. 

    4. A DAILY FORMULA FOR HEALTHY LIVING. Just a simple ritual of 2 tablespoon/1-oz a day, taken straight (we are yummy!) or if desired, mixed with water, juice, tea or smoothie. A 34-oz single bottle is a FULL one-month supply.

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    1. Live BEST and Enjoy 4 bottles of TIGERHONEY Concentrated Health & Wellness Formula. 
    2. 34-oz per bottle; one bottle is a FULL one-month supply! 
    5. Keto-Friendly, Paleo-Friendly 
    6. 100% Natural. No Caffeine. No Alcohol. No Preservatives. No Additives.
    7. Directions: Start with 1 oz (2 tablespoons) daily. Increase dosage as needed for desired effect. If pregnant or breast-feeding, consult your physician or a healthcare professional before taking TIGERHONEY. Please refrigerate after opening.
    1. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
    2. Organic Local Honey
    3. 11 Powerful Antioxidant and Adaptogenic Herbs (cinnamon, cloves, ginger, star anise, echinacea, fenugreek, black cohosh, ginseng, black walnut, chickweed, turmeric)
    4. Natural Fruit Extracts (Apple Juice, Grape Juice)
    5. Handcrafted in small batches to preserve quality & freshness. 
    6. Proudly made in USA.