Star Anise: Immune System Superstar


• Supports Immune System

• Balances Hormones

• Elevates Mood

Star Anise is featured in countless food blogs and Instagram photos. You may not be aware how vital it is to global human health. Star anise has significant benefits to human wellness that make it a superstar herbal supplement. Chief among these are its anti-microbial, hormone balancing and mood-boosting properties.


Star anise exhibits powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that make it extremely sought-after by the global pharmaceutical industry. In fact, star anise is a fundamental resource in the worldwide fight against dangerous influenza outbreaks such as H1-N1 that threaten hundreds of millions of lives every year.

Star anise contains a polyphenol called Shikimic Acid, a compound with potent antiviral properties. Shikimic acid is one of the main active ingredients in Tamiflu, an essential medication for the rapid treatment of severe influenza. Governments around the world stockpile Tamiflu whenever a serious influenza outbreak threatens populations. It is no accident that influenza outbreaks cause the global price of star anise to skyrocket. 

Star anise is also thought to treat other types of viral infections, including Herpes Simplex Type 1. Unlike bacteria, viruses can be difficult if not impossible to combat once they invade the body. For this reason, a natural bioactive substance that features strong anti-viral properties is extremely valuable.


Star anise is also known to inhibit bacterial growth implicated in a wide variety of common illnesses. Studies have shown that star anise extract is as effective as pharmaceutical antibiotics against multiple drug-resistant pathogenic bacteria. This is incredibly important, as many people are now commonly exposed to dangerous drug-resistant bacteria at large that were once only found in hospitals.

Star anise can boost the immune system safely and without dangerous side effects. It can help with distressing chronic bacterial ailments such as urinary tract infections (UTI). It can kill bacteria strains such as E Coli- the pernicious culprit behind many food-borne illnesses and other infections. Star anise is such an effective anti-microbial herb, researchers now study it for the future cultivation of new antibiotic medications.


Similar to its companion herb Fenugreek, Star anise mimics the effects of estrogen in the body. This means it can help balance hormone levels naturally, safely relieve pre-menstrual symptoms and symptoms of menopause. In one study, 72 women with hot flashes who took star anise experienced a nearly 75% reduction in severity and frequency of hot flashes. Due to its hormone balancing properties, star anise may also help prevent bone loss, a serious side effect of menopause stemming from reduced estrogen levels. Another compound in star anise called Anethole may directly help prevent bone loss and protect against osteoporosis.


Star anise is being studied as a natural treatment for depression. Several studies have shown that star anise exhibits powerful antidepressant properties, as effective as a common pharmaceutical used to treat depression, and can decrease symptoms of mild to moderate depression. Star anise can also effectively reduce symptoms of postpartum depression.

Its potent capabilities as an all-around immune system booster, virus and bacteria killer, hormone balancer and mood booster make Star Anise supplement a superstar. Supercharge your defense system with TIGERHONEY Concentrated Daily Herbal Wellness Formula - a single 34-oz is a FULL 1-month supply!



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