Ginseng: Buried Treasure



• Elevates Mood
• Helps Manage Stress
• Boosts Energy & Stamina
• Boosts Mental Clarity

In certain rural states such as Vermont, West Virginia or Wisconsin, it is not uncommon to see people wandering along the roadsides with baskets and shopping bags, searching for…something. For in these lush, wooded forests there grows a very special and highly coveted wild herb: Ginseng.

When properly sourced, harvested and dried, ginseng roots can fetch upwards of $1000 a pound. In Asia the price of ginseng can be as high as $10,000! Why in the world would a strange, gnarled root command such incredible value?

To understand why ginseng is so prized, you must first understand its immense virtues to health and wellness.

Stress Manager. Ginseng has a high concentration of polyphenols and phytoactive compounds known as adaptogens. These bioactive substances have the unusual ability to help mitigate stress on a cellular level. That means they help the body adapt to stress and to achieve homeostasis - or biological balance- in all sorts of stressful situations. 

Balanced Energy. Ginseng is particularly helpful to prevent fatigue but also to help calm an overtaxed nervous system. When you are down, ginseng brings you up, and when you are up it brings you down. It is simultaneously energizing and calming. Ginseng is a remarkable agent to support anyone dealing with high stress environments- in work, sports or life.

Mood Booster & Mental Clarity. Ginseng also helps elevate mood and improves mental clarity and performance. It helps alleviate anxiety and depression. It is strongly anti-inflammatory and helps relieve oxidative stress. Ginseng is thought to play a neuroprotective role, limiting cognitive impairment and neuronal damage in the brain and helping protect cells from premature aging. 

Anti-inflammatory & Blood Sugar Control. Ginseng seems to be beneficial in the control of blood glucose in people both with and without diabetes. It has been shown to improve pancreatic cell function, boost insulin production and enhance the uptake of blood sugar in tissues. Collectively, these functions further help reduce inflammation, mitigate oxidative stress and improve cellular health. Thus ginseng has been shown to help with chronic inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, arthritis and asthma.

These varied, incredibly powerful benefits make Ginseng a supremely valuable tool and treasure for health, and an important component of TIGERHONEY Concentrated Herbal Wellness Formula.



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