How does Apple Cider Vinegar help with healthy weight management?

TIGERHONEY is a concentrated multi-purpose herbal wellness formula of 11 powerful healing herbs (cinnamon, cloves, ginger, star anise, echinacea, fenugreek, black cohosh, ginseng, black walnut, chickweed, turmeric), organic local honey AND the key foundation component -- organic apple cider vinegar. 

What's the big deal about apple cider vinegar? As mentioned prior, apple cider vinegar (ACV) is known as the "mother of natural wellness" and has many benefits to help:

  • improve metabolism
  • lower triglycerides 
  • decrease LDL cholesterol
  • maintain healthy blood pressure
  • support cardiovascular health
  • boost energy and stamina
  • balance blood sugar
  • increase insulin sensitivity

But can it help with weight loss or diet and weight management?

First, we need to understand how insulin works. Insulin is a powerful hormone that can make you gain muscle or it can make you fat.

However, the more important question is: are you are insulin resistant or insulin sensitive?

If you are insulin resistant, all the protein you eat never goes to muscle…it goes to fat. As long as insulin stays elevated, you will have a hard time losing fat.

If you're more sensitive to insulin, you need less insulin to mobilize fat. This is much easier on your pancreas and helps lower inflammation throughout your body. 


Therefore, the key to not getting fat is to keep fat cells from forming, maturing and storing fat. Insulin is the main factor in this essential equation. The more insulin sensitive you are, the more easily you will lose fat and have a nice, controlled, healthy appetite

Apple cider vinegar can help control appetite, increase feelings of fullness, and reduce caloric intake. It can also help slow the rate at which food exits the stomach. It also improves digestive health and reduces acid reflux by helping balance stomach acid levels. These are major benefits for anyone struggling to maintain a healthy diet and also very helpful for those on popular programs such as the Paleo Diet.

Apple Cider Vinegar is a prized, time-honored remedy that naturally supports circulatory, digestive and metabolic health. Due to our proprietary formula of carefully chosen bioactive ingredients, our TIGERHONEY Concentrated Health & Wellness Tonic not only tastes great, it's a multi-purpose natural remedy that has many benefits.


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